Government Price List

Basic Licence

This licence allows you to print, photocopy and fax articles from newspapers included on the ‘Basic Licence list’ and distribute them within your organisation for internal management purposes. Please also see the PMCA’s licence Terms & Conditions. Prices exclude GST.

No. Employees in OrganisationLicence Annual Cost
5 or fewer$254

Supplementary Publications

Organisations with a basic licence can also purchase the right to copy from a large number of additional publications.

For titles on the ‘Magazines, Business Newspapers list & online only’, the cost is 3% of the applicable basic licence fee per chosen title

For titles on the ‘Community Newspapers list’, the cost is 0.5% of the applicable basic list fee per chosen title.

Digital Copying Licence

This licence enables you to digitally copy, store and distribute (via email or intranet) to people within your organisation for internal management purposes articles from any of the publications that you are entitled to copy from under a Basic Licence, Magazine and Business Extension, and/or Community Newspapers Licence Extension.

  • 60 day licence (electronic version of articles must be permanently deleted within sixty days of viewing) – Cost: 90% of the mechanical licence fee (basic licence + fee for selected supplementary publications) applicable to your organisation.
  • Annual licence (electronic version of articles can be stored for the duration of the licence term) – Cost: 180% of the mechanical licence fee (basic licence + fee for selected supplementary publications) applicable to your organisation.

There are a couple of exceptions:

  • For organisations of less than 50 people, a 60 day digital licence is bundled with the mechanical (photocopy and fax) copying licence (ie. no extra cost).
  • For organisations of less than 50 people, the cost of an annual digital licence is 100% of the mechanical (photocopy and fax) copying licence.

Web Extension

(Basic Licence + Supplementary Publications + Annual Digital Licence + Web Extension)

The web extension licence allows you to publish news articles from newspapers and supplementary publications on your organisation’s website. An annual digital licence is required.

Publishing Less ThanMonthly Fee
5 stories per month$67
10 stories per month$134
15 stories per month$200
20 stories per month$233
25 stories per month$278
30 stories per month$317
35 stories per month$350
40 stories per month$378
45 stories per month$401
50 stories per month$417
Over 50 stories per monthOn application

External Supply Extension

An external supply extension enables organisations wanting to provide ad hoc copies of print or digital content sourced from a press clipping agency or media monitoring agency (which has a licence with the PMCA) to their clients, members, advisors or persons listed in the application form the ability to do so.

An external supply extension is required in addition to a Basic Licence.

The cost is $65 per individual destination, per year.

Indemnity Licence Fee

Copyright owners will indemnify past copying from 1 January 2003, when the PMCA started to offer blanket licences. Indemnity fees are charged to cover all un-licenced copying taking place from the start of the PMCA licence scheme on 1 January 2003 and before a current licence application is received.  The Indemnity licence fee also covers any unlicensed copying of our members’ digital publications that may have occurred from 1 April 2016, the date on which the PMCA’s licensing scheme was extended to cover its members’ digital publications.  The Indemnity licence fee is calculated either using the information provided in the current licence application form or by completing an annual licence application form for each of the previous years from when the scheme started.